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comforting paitents with chronic illnesses 

Our mission at care packages for spoonies is to empower, comfort and help find new ways to improve the quality of life for all chronic illness sufferers. To join us in helping paitents live a fuller life please donate below 

emergency  delta COVID lockdown program

As of august 11th majority of child life services across the US have been suspended due to the recent spikes in delta COVID cases meaning all forms of comfort an entertainment (besides a couple channels) have comed to a stop and children and families no longer have access to comfort items , pet therapy , access to the play room/library /DVDs , tablet and electronic devices. Child life services is designed to make children's stays in the hospital as comfortable as possible by providing access to many activities that have now completely stopped .So it is our mission to ship out as many sponsored packages to children 3~18 alone or without electronics in the children's hospitals across the united states ! WE NEED YOUR HELP! in order to send out we need donations to cover postage , but any amount helps us send out package to a child in need during this hard time !

We need your help !

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We need your support and there are so many ways you can help ! One of the easiest ways to help support us is by following us on Facebook and Instagram and spreading the word of our foundation . The other things that help tremendously are donations of either , items . supplies .stamps or money donations help us be able to send sponsored packages out.


When building a care package we start out with an item that the patient needs such as a mask that helps them have more freedom to be out side without worry of getting sick, if we cannot provide an item the patient will get to choose from our extras list . The next step is to add a random mix from the following list- lotion/salve-hair ties/headband- bath bar/bath bomb- pens/pencils- socks/nail polish. 
Lastly if a patient has a service dog there service dog can receive treats as well.

Fighting Sickness with Support and Compassion

Raising Awareness

 finding ways to better patients quality of life